SoundHon Ice Bath

  • We Produce Water Chiller And Ice bath accessories.And support ordering various forms of ice bath combinations, such as Inflatable tub plus ice bath chiller combinations, and custom combinations of Cold Plunge chiller and cold water units. We also offer logo customization to meet customer requirements.Welcome to contact us to get more information.


About Us

Production expert in the field of Ice Bath Cold Plunge.

We support a wide range of customization options. You provide your needs, and we fulfill your requirements

Soundhon Toplunge is a professional manufacturer of ice bath equipment with 14 years of experience in producing cooling and heating equipment. We manufacture various ice bath tubs, ice bath chillers, and related accessories, with our products certified by CE, ROHS, and FCC. Whether it’s wooden tubs, acrylic tubs, or inflatable tubs, and different sizes of chillers such as 0.5HP, 1HP, and 1.5HP, we can provide comprehensive solutions for you. Welcome to inquire and visit our factory.

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