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Yes, you can submit your logo or other customization requirements, and we will provide a quote. The additional cost for a custom logo and color changes depends on the logo’s size, colors, and required quantity.

The production time varies depending on our current workload. Sometimes we have inventory available, while other times the production cycle is longer, depending on the number of orders.

Yes, our cold water chillers are sold worldwide to various countries, and we are familiar with different plug standards. Please inform us of your country, and we will configure the appropriate plug and voltage standards accordingly.

Yes, our products are certified by CE, FCC, SAA, and others. Additionally, Soundhon Toplunge has been recognized as a High-Tech Enterprise by the Chinese government and holds a series of quality management system certifications.

Aquaculture water chiller Aqua Heat Pump chiller 

Our water chiller (aquaculture water chiller heat pump) is an excellent choice for restaurants and markets involved in seafood farming. With its precise temperature control, energy efficiency, premium aquatic environment, and reliable performance, it contributes to the success and sustainable growth of seafood farming operations.

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  • Precise Temperature Control: Our water chiller, driven by advanced heat pump technology, achieves accurate water temperature control. Whether it’s fish, shellfish, or other seafood, our system provides the ideal water temperature required for their growth and well-being.
  • Energy Efficiency: Designed with energy-saving features, our water chiller incorporates efficient refrigeration cycles and heat recovery techniques, minimizing energy consumption. This not only reduces operational costs but also aligns with environmentally friendly practices, promoting sustainability.
  • Premium Aquatic Environment: Through precise temperature control and optimized water circulation, our water chiller creates a pure and fresh aquatic environment for seafood. The quality water conditions contribute to improved growth rates, enhanced flavors, and superior seafood quality.
  • Safety and Reliability: At SoundHon, we prioritize product safety and reliability. Our water chiller is constructed with high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, ensuring stability and durability during long-term operation. It also incorporates multiple safety features such as overload protection and overheating prevention, guaranteeing secure device performance.
  • Customizable Design: We offer a range of standard models to cater to diverse requirements of restaurants and markets. Additionally, we welcome custom design specifications tailored to specific seafood farming needs. By providing us with your desired specifications and dimensions, we can deliver a tailored solution to meet your unique requirements.

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ice bath certification


Product NameAquaculture Water Chiller
Rated current11A
Nominal cooling capacity2500W
Rated power2500W
Max. input current16.5A
Power supply specification220V~50Hz
Refrigerant chargeR32/1800g
Allowable pressure at the discharge3.0MPa/0.95MPa
Maximum pressure on the discharge3.0MPa/3.0MPa
Protection against electric shock1 type
Class Waterproof ratingIPX4
Water-side resistance≤30kPa
Water flow rate3.0m³/h

Series Comparison

Model TypeSoundhon Aquaculture Heat Pump-AHP2501Soundhon Aquaculture Heat Pump-AHP3701Soundhon Aquaculture Heat Pump-AHP4801Soundhon Aquaculture Heat Pump-AHP6701
Rated current4.1A6.1A8.2A11A
Nominal cooling capacity2.5kw3.7kW4.8kW6.7kW
Rated power2.5kw3.7kW1.6kW6.7kW
Max. input current6.1A8.9A11.5A16.5A
Power supply specification220V~50Hz220V~50Hz220V~50Hz220V~50Hz
Refrigerant chargeR32/800gR32/1000gR32/1600gR32/1800g
Allowable pressure at the discharge2.8MPa/0.95MPa2.8MPa/0.95MPa2.8MPa/0.95MPa2.8MPa/0.95MPa
Maximum pressure on the discharge2.8MPa/2.8MPa2.8MPa/2.8MPa2.8MPa/2.8MPa2.8MPa/2.8MPa
Protection against electric shock1 type1 type1 type1 type
Class Waterproof ratingIPX4IPX4IPX4IPX4
Water-side resistance≤30kPa≤30kPa≤30kPa≤30kPa
Water flow rate2.0m³/h3.0m³/h4.0m³/h3.0m³/h

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