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1.5HP Cold Plunge Water Chiller for Ice Bath

The 1.5 HP Soundhon Cold Plunge Water Chiller is a heavy-duty solution for cold plunge tubs ranging from 350 to 600 liters (92 to 159 US gallons). With dimensions of 650x450x480mm and a weight of 52.2kg, this chiller is built to handle larger volumes while remaining relatively compact. Despite its impressive cooling capacity, this chiller maintains a noise level below 65dB(A), ensuring a peaceful cold therapy environment. It features a high-performance pump for efficient water circulation, a multi-stage filtration system to keep the water crystal clear, and a UV sterilizer to prevent bacterial growth.

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Ice Bath Water Chiller – 1.5HP

Suitable Water Volume350-550L
Voltage220V/50Hz & 110V/60Hz
UV ozone sterilizerBuilt-in
FilterBuilt-in (easy to change filter element)
Water pumpBuilt-in
Wireless controlWiFi support
Temperature range2-40°C (36℉- 104℉)
Advised temperature range5-10°C
Refrigerating power3500W
Heating power5000W
Input power1085W
Input current8.75A
RefrigerantR410A 900g(220V) 850g(110V)
Pump power80W
Pump lift16m
Pump flow2400L/H
Recommended water flow40-45L/min
Net weight52.5kg
Gross weight58.5kg
Product size650*450*480mm
Package size760*730*560mm
Packing detailIce bath machine *1 caster *4 filter wrench *1 hose *2 buckle *4 pagoda connector (3/4”) *2

Effortless Operation and Rapid Cooling

Experience hassle-free operation with our ice bath chiller. Unlike other machines that often require a lengthy two-minute air expulsion process and water loop setup, ours takes a mere 10 seconds to start up and establish the water circulation. Say goodbye to the complexities of water level control during initial use.

Exceptional Build Quality Ice Bath Chiller

Our commitment to excellence extends to the build quality of our chiller casing. While other options may seem more budget-friendly, they compromise on power, efficiency, and overall performance. Choose us for a superior product that stands the test of time.

Versatile Chiller Models

Soundhon offer ice baths water chillers in varying capacities: 0.5HP, 1HP, and 1.5HP. These units excel in lowering the water temperature to a minimum of two degrees. Each chiller is equipped with a built-in water pump, UV sterilizer, external filter, and convenient wheels for easy mobility. Our competitive pricing includes all these essential accessories, providing unmatched value.

Multi-Functional Features

Soundhon chillers go beyond simple cooling. With a built-in heating function, they are ideal for pool heating applications or maintaining a comfortable temperature of 2 degrees(36 ℉) during winter. Furthermore, their waterproof design ensures all-weather use, and the defrosting function adds an extra layer of convenience to their operation. Choose a chiller that adapts to your needs, regardless of the season.

Ice Bath Chiller with Wi-Fi Connectivity and Remote Operation

Our Ice Bath Chiller comes equipped with a convenient mobile application, allowing you to effortlessly connect via Wi-Fi for remote control. With this feature, you can easily switch the chiller on/off and schedule timed starts, providing you with advanced and hassle-free cooling management.

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Product nameIce bath Water Chiller
Suitable Water Volume125-200L200-350L350-550L
Specification0.5HP Water chiller1HP Water chiller1.5HP Water chiller
Voltage220V/50Hz & 110V/60Hz220V/50Hz & 110V/60Hz220V/50Hz & 110V/60Hz
UV ozone sterilizerBuilt-inBuilt-inBuilt-in
FilterBuilt-in (easy to change filter element)Built-in (easy to change filter element)Built-in (easy to change filter element)
Water pumpBuilt-inBuilt-inBuilt-in
Wireless controlWiFi supportWiFi supportWiFi support
Temperature range2-40°C (36℉- 104℉)2-40°C (36℉- 104℉)2-40°C (36℉- 104℉)
Advised temperature range5-10°C5-10°C5-10°C
Refrigerating power1300W2600W3500W
Heating power1920W3300W5000W
Input power490W850W1085W
Input current4.28A7.3A8.75A
RefrigerantR410A 320g(220V) 300g(110V)R410A 450g(220V) 430g(110V)R410A 900g(220V) 850g(110V)
Pump power80W80W80W
Pump lift16m16m16m
Pump flow2400L/H2400L/H2400L/H
Recommended water flow40-45L/min40-45L/min40-45L/min
Net weight35.6kg47.5kg52.5kg
4Gross weight41kg52.5kg58.5kg
Product size560*380*430mm620*420*480mm650*450*480mm
Package size660*495*540mm720*720*510mm760*730*560mm
Packing detailIce bath machine *1 caster *4 filter wrench *1 hose *2 buckle *4 pagoda connector (3/4”) *2Ice bath machine *1 caster *4 filter wrench *1 hose *2 buckle *4 pagoda connector (3/4”)*2Ice bath machine *1 caster *4 filter wrench *1 hose *2 buckle *4 pagoda connector (3/4”)*2

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Soundhon White Color cold plunge ice bath chiller with 0.5HP, 1HP, and 1.5HP model. This chiller can lower the temperature down to two degrees. It comes with a built-in water pump and UV sterilizer, an external filter, and wheels. We offer a great price that includes all these accessories. Soundhon ice bath chillers also have a heating function that can be used for pool heating applications or heat to 2 degrees in winter and is waterproof also have a defrosting function so its all-weather use.
With its well-insulated walls, this barrel effectively minimizes heat transfer, allowing you to achieve and maintain the optimal water temperature for your cold therapy sessions. Whether you’re an athlete seeking faster recovery, a fitness enthusiast striving for improved performance, or simply someone seeking relief from muscle soreness and inflammation, the ColdPlunge Ice Bath Barrel delivers a consistently refreshing and rejuvenating experience.
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This comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge to navigate the world of ice bath chillers, ensuring you make an informed decision that aligns with your needs and budget.
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